11+ Christmas story

The birthday of a baby born in a manger, which has continued to be a festival celebrated by people around the world for more than two thousand years, is a miracle.

On Christmas Day, December 25, Christian and Catholic believers celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The churches around the country have been beautifully decorated before the festival, and they celebrated the festival with the believers and the community through activities such as poetry, gatherings, and good news. This is a traditional, religious Christmas.

Western culture is deeply influenced by Christianity. The United States, where the Puritans founded the country, is no exception. Every year, a huge national Christmas tree is set up on the lawn of the White House. The tree is covered with decorations made by people all over the country. The president presides over the lighting ceremony to announce the beginning of the Christmas season. In the White House, the lights are colorful and filled with a festive atmosphere. Christmas has a faint political color.

For more people, Christmas is a holiday with family and friends. In the big and small Christmas market, the crowd is booming. A dazzling array of lights, cute handicrafts, and exquisite dried fruit pastry gift boxes have started people's desire to buy, and everyone has generously contributed and returned home. These Christmas markets have also become popular in all parts of Asia in recent years, and the convergence of things has become an amazing market for consumption. This is the worldly and commercial side of Christmas.

Christmas has evolved into a popular holiday. Regardless of religious beliefs, family and friends, at home or in the company, everyone gathers together and sends away the coming year, which is a beautiful New Year. Food is indispensable, and the exchange of gifts after the meal adds warmth and surprise.

Typical Christmas dinners include roast turkey, ham, vegetables, salads, fruit pies, champagne, and apple drinks. Under the backdrop of candlelight, crystal cup and table decoration, it is extraordinarily elegant and rich.

The Santa Claus in red and red hat is a mysterious figure that children are looking forward to. He brought gifts and laughter, and painted the colors of imagination and surprise for Christmas.

One year will be done. I wish you a warm and beautiful Christmas.

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