12+ What is the Christmas window?

In December, it ushered in Christmas. Shops of all sizes have long been decorated with Christmas decorations, and they are filled with joy. Passing by, I feel extra happiness.

Green holly with colored balls and ribbons. Christmas wreaths can be elegant, colorful, and beautiful.

The twigs are covered with small ornaments and flashing lights. The Christmas tree, wearing gold and silver, is full of joy.

The little elk and the Santa Claus have inspired everyone's innocence. The snow flutters, and the Santa Claus drives the elk, the sled, and the joyful picture of the gift, and starts the idea of buying gifts for myself and relatives and friends.

Greeting card. Beautifully designed. Carefully selected and sent a blessing.

A soft towel embroidered with a name and a Christmas motif. Warm and intimate.

The cotton balls are paved into gentle snow. Snowmen, small animals, small toys, gather here.

Floating hot air balloon, perfume lotion. Apply it and find the aroma you like. Hanging, dreamy and romantic little world.

Gift box, party hat.

The melody of "Merry Christmas" and "Silent Night".

Christmas bells are light. Embrace the cheerful Thanksgiving season.

Let the Christmas atmosphere dispel the winter cold and warmth into your heart.


Only use this article to send the blessings of the end of the year, Merry Christmas, New Year auspicious!

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