17+ The story of the pumpkin

The pumpkins are covered with earth, and the earth is dyed golden, showing the joy of autumn harvest.

The Greek origin of the pumpkin is a large, round melon. Mexico once found pumpkin seeds from 7000 to 5500 BC. Therefore, it is generally accepted that pumpkins are derived from North America.

The pumpkin belongs to the vine plant, and the yellow flower is opened. The fruit is mostly golden yellow, mainly edible or as feed. In recent years, there are more shapes and colors, and the decorative pumpkins are on the market. They are quite eye-catching on the shelves.

In addition to the Antarctic, pumpkins can grow on six other continents. Major producers include the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, and China. American pumpkins are mostly planted in early July and harvested in autumn and winter. Illinois' production is 95% of the nation's total, ranking first.

With a moisture content of 92%, the pumpkin is rich in vitamins A and C and carotene, with a fat content of only 0.1%, making it a frequent visitor on the health food list.

Young and tender green pumpkin can be eaten like a melon. The grown pumpkin is cleaned up, steamed and eaten, and the taste is quite sweet. Pumpkin puree is made in cans and is available in supermarkets all year round. Koreans also put pumpkin leaves into the dish. In addition, the pumpkin seeds can be fried as a snack, or pressed into pumpkin seed oil. A pumpkin, a lot of uses.

Pumpkin puree with fresh milk, cream and broth into a rich pumpkin soup, delicious and delicious. It can also be made into noodles, dumplings, and a variety of biscuits, cakes and pies.

Straw piles, big puppets, and pumpkin patches are placed on the large lawn, which is full of pastoral flavor and good harvest. Pumpkin is one of the main characters of the fall festival (country fair).


Merchants set up tents to sell their own farming and handicrafts. Small Ferris wheels, carousels, and rides attract friends from all over the world. The music is flying, the French fries are roasted and the crowds are bustling. Buy pumpkins, eat, drink, and take pictures, and be full of excitement.

The pumpkin-flavored decoration also enters the room from the outdoors. In the corner, there are delicate and lovely pumpkin handicrafts or DIY art pumpkins, and the house immediately has the warmth and beauty of autumn.


At night, ignite a small candle in the hollowed out pumpkin shell, or click on the pumpkin cinnamon aroma candle in the glass jar to enjoy the warm and poetic warmth.


Halloween is also known as the Pumpkin Festival. A few pots of chrysanthemums, a few pumpkins, and a witch-shaped scarecrow in front of the door are mysterious and beautiful. The pumpkin lamp with the naughty face is shining in the darkness in the dark night, the candy is on the orange color, and the children wear the costumes. Trick or Treat, don't give sugar and quail. The joyful atmosphere brings the interaction of the neighbors, and also draws a perfect ending for the autumn.


Winter is coming. The fire in the fireplace is raging, and friends and relatives gather together to give thanks for the food and clothing in the past year. After the Thanksgiving turkey dinner, the classic pumpkin pie came on stage. I ate it sweetly in my mouth, and my heart was full of praise for heaven.

A rustic pumpkin carries a series of stories of joy and gratitude, leading people into the end of the autumn harvest.

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