23+ Why do women like bags so much?

Why do women like to buy bags so much, how to buy them is not enough? Why is this?

Men, this kind of creature, can’t understand why women like to buy bags so much. This is why men don’t understand why women spend money to pull their hair and roll it. It’s the same when rolled up and straightened. reason.

In the eyes of men, it is a happy thing for women to spend money to find sin, and they never tire of it.

If you have to find an answer to why "women like to buy a bag so much," I think the representative answer must be: ‘cure-all!’

You should not have heard of it!

If you have never heard of it, then you should have no wife.

In fact, women like to buy bags, just like men like to play games, like to smoke, like to play football, like drinking is the same reason.

Imagine that a man doesn't play games, doesn't play mobile phones, doesn't smoke, doesn't play football, doesn't drink, won't die, of course not, but men don't do these things every day, and they don't do it every day.

In the same way, women do not go shopping for a day, do not buy bags, clothes, cosmetics will not die, but women just like these things, what is the way.

So if you want your girlfriend/wife to be happy, or when you make her angry, or want to surprise her, then buy them a bag. It doesn't matter if you don't buy it. Just give the money and let them swipe the card. They are so cool that they will forget how you got angry with them before.