26+ All-A Series Embellishment Series

We only need to pick a good background. The light pink and light blue as the background color is very beautiful. Then use the rhinestones, embellish the middle position of the nail piece, or the root position, and paste the petals you want to paste. Do you think it is very beautiful?

The styles of these styles that are shared today are relatively low-key, not dazzling with big red, the most important thing is to bring out the temperament and dignity and elegance of women and ladies.It is suitable for the style of the princess, but also for the style of the ladies, as well as the style of the ladies.

I feel that as long as you often do nail art, you will accumulate a lot of experience. If you do more nail art, you will become familiar with it. I don't know if everyone thinks that nail art is actually very simple.

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