28+Be a lovely girl

I have never expressed exactly what I really want to say, but in any case I said I am very sad, then I just hope you can be with me.

If you don't work hard, except that your age is rising, your hair is getting smaller and your face is getting older, what you can't afford or can't afford, and the person you like still has nothing to do with you.

There may be some problems, but life is still beautiful and short. You must do something to make yourself happy and live a happy life.

The pressure you are feeling now does not come from your own fear of not working hard or actively, but unwilling to accept the status quo.

People who really want to live with you for a lifetime are afraid that they don't give you enough. Those who never intend to have a future with you will always abandon you for too much.

You are a tourist in the remote mountains. You love all over the world while walking. You have a passionate nature. I am a cat keeper in the market. I don't change my lover without looking at passers-by.

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