29+ How to choose a bride's bouquet

The bride's hand-holding tradition originated in ancient Greece and Rome, and was later popularized by Queen Victoria. The bouquet in the hands of the bride is not only a dazzling embellishment, but also a symbol of luck. The messenger of happiness, when the bride throws the bouquet to the unmarried girlfriends, also means to pass on this sweetness and happiness.

1, lily

Fresh, elegant fragrance, unique hair style, large flower shape and elegant colors. In foreign countries, the lily symbolizes purity, chastity and innocence, and the wheat ear is used as the bride's headdress, which symbolizes the harvest of the grain and the good for a hundred years. In China, lily is a symbol of maternal love.

2, rose

Rose is the best choice for expressing love. Different colors of roses, the meaning is also different!

3, carnation

Carnations represent love, charm and respect. Light red represents admiration, and deep red represents deep love and care. Pure white represents pure love and luck. Pink carnations have the most important symbol and historical significance, so pink carnations become a symbol of immortal maternal love.

4. Phalaenopsis

The temperament is noble, and the fragrant and fragrant butterfly orchid looks like a colorful butterfly. The flower is beautiful and moving, and it is very decorative. Phalaenopsis represents the true love between lovers and is an important flower in the bride's bouquet.

5, Eustoma

The eustoma flower shape resembles a rose. In the past weddings, it was often used as a main flower to decorate the bridal bouquet with the rose. The color of the eustoma is elegant, with a simple and elegant wedding style. It is the first choice for a dignified bride. The eustoma is rich in color and can be more Planting flowers and flowers.

6, tulips

Spring is the season of tulip bloom. Tulips of various colors bring us a different romantic atmosphere. The red looks festive, the white is pure and elegant, the yellow is noble and energetic, and the purple dreams are mysterious. Representing elegant and elegant tulip bouquets, you can create an extraordinary luxury for you.

7, calla lily

The calla lily symbolizes "the sacred law, the unity of the heart, the good fortune". In the weddings of European and American countries, it is the common flower of the bride's bouquet.

8, gerbera

Gerbera, also known as gerberas, symbolizes perseverance and fearlessness. Some areas like to arrange new houses with gerberas flowers in a wedding celebration. Take the harmony and reflect the meaning of the newlyweds' mutual respect and love.

9, the star

The starry sky represents care, purity, success, joy, and is called the wedding "wild flower."

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After reading my recommendation, have you chosen the happiness messenger that belongs to you?

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