30+ The most white cat color

Autumn and winter are very suitable for gray-eyed cat's eye manicure, the silver of the ring finger shines especially under the sun, and the little stars above are also very cute.

I heard that autumn and winter and cat's eye nails are more suitable oh, deep cat's eye nails reflect different brilliance in different light, cute and charming! temperament + high-level + white hand + wild, with a coat sweater handkerchief!

The main color dark gray cat eye gel, the slash cat eye design is very good. The color jump is a starry sky silver, which can highlight the dream of the starry sky. It is well decorated with small round pearls and round gold circles.

The cat's eye is really a kind of hot flash, and it is different from different angles. It looks good. Jumped a light milk tea color with a small rivet on it, which is more chic.

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