33+ About Bridal bouquet world write for us

If you think that bridal bouquet is just an ornament for a wedding, what the wedding company gives you, then you are wrong.

The bouquet is the guardian of the wedding, and can protect the people at the wedding from bad luck and disease. After centuries of custom evolution, the bouquet is a happy messenger in today's wedding.

The meaning of bridal bouquet is not the one thrown out at the wedding, but the more important meaning is its own - it is the blessing of heaven to the new, the most sacred blessing and love.

The bouquet is small, but you can't just make the flowers. The bouquet also needs to match the wedding style and the bride's dress.

In the production of bouquets, the choice of flowers is exquisite, for example: the flower language of roses is love and beauty and brave, the flower language of peony is a love, the flower language of calla is eternal, the flower language of hydrangea is hope , loyal and happy, the bride who chooses hydrangea often loves to relax.

The reason why the bride holds flowers is precious. First, because it is entirely handmade, the things that cannot be made by the machine replacement process are unique and cannot be copied. Second, using living plants to make materials is the hardest part of the art world.

If you think that the bouquet is only round, then you are very wrong.

In addition to the common round shape, the bouquets are: water drop type, closed type, open type, multi-level open type, flowing water type, waterfall type, as well as basket type, Gola beautiful type, American type string flower, texture type, Decorative supply, pattern, etc...

The shape and size of the bouquet should match the shape of the bride and the shape of her day to be able to add icing on the cake. Petite brides should choose small and delicate bouquets, and French round flower balls are the best. The plump bride should choose a waterfall, radial or streamlined bouquet. Large brides choose a drop-shaped or waterfall-shaped bouquet.

Then why is the bride's bouquet in the circle of everyone's cognition? This is actually because of the influence of the film and television drama works. This round shape is not only simple, quick and convenient to make, but the most important thing is that it is easy to throw flowers.

The world of bridal bouquets is very big and mysterious? Do you want to find out?

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