8+ Can you not eat breakfast?

First of all, let's directly conclude that as long as the conditions permit and there is no fasting, try to eat breakfast; if you already know that eating breakfast is a benefit that is far more than risk, then the following article actually you don't have to read, although actually I can't find any big risks.

Let's rebut these rumors one by one.

1. Will you live longer without breakfast?

This is not true. This calculation method is too rude. Studies have shown that excessive calorie intake leads to a shortened life span, but studies have shown that too low calorie intake can lead to a shortened life span, and it is not proportional. This calculation is obviously unfounded. I don't think this one is believed to be true. It is obviously fake.

2. Does not eat breakfast increase the risk of stone disease?

Let's look at the literature, Risk Factors of Cholelithiasis in China: A Meta-analysis. Through the comparison of 3145 cases with 3,812 controls, we found that the main risk factors for the incidence of cholelithiasis in China are: excessive drinking, pregnancy problems, overweight, eating too oil, eating less, not eating breakfast, Hyperlipidemia and related medical history.

The article also has an analysis of the risk of cholelithiasis caused by oral contraceptives, and is higher than the dietary habits, but I think this data does not apply to the present, because the data is in 2005, so now still need to be alert to the risk of oral contraceptives But it is definitely lower than the risk of the 2005 study. As for the low, I don't know.

3. Will you become stupid without eating breakfast?

In fact, this is a very good explanation. If you don't eat breakfast, the brain energy consumption will not be effectively supplied from the time you get up to the next meal. The brain reaction will be slow. If you do not eat breakfast every day, it will be slow every day. This is not so stupid, it is difficult to talk about. Insufficient energy supply can also lead to memory loss and emotional loss. It can be said that it is harmful to IQ.

4. Will you get fat without eating breakfast?

There is no discussion of the value of this problem. The only possibility of not eating breakfast and thinning is to completely reduce the calories of this meal, rather than retaliating back at some point. The core of weight loss is to reduce the problem of increased intake and consumption. Whether it will become fat or not depends on your self-control.

Therefore, eating breakfast is a good thing and nothing harms. Why don't you do it?

Finally, many people are thinking, if I sleep until 10 in the morning, do not want to have breakfast? At this time, we can actually emulate the West to a Brunch, which is a brunch. It integrates breakfast and lunch, which avoids all kinds of disadvantages of not eating from lunch to lunch, and avoids the trouble of eating more.

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